The Best BBQ in San Antonio: 11 Top Spots for Delicious Barbecue

As a city that offers both an abundant history and culture, San Antonio is also known for having some of the finest BBQ joints in Texas. With various flavors ranging from classic Texan-style BBQ to unique fusions, these top 11 spots will certainly make you salivate!

We’ve put together a list of the top 11 BBQ spots you should visit! One thing to note, our list is in no particular ranking order. Embark on this scrumptious journey with us as we explore what makes each one of them so special when it comes to finding the best barbecue options in San Antonio.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the best BBQ spots in San Antonio, from Burnt Bean to Pinkerton’s Barbecue.

  • Enjoy unique dishes and sides like smoked pork belly and beef fajitas or classic Texas BBQ favorites.

  • Get your late night cravings sorted with plenty of delicious options!

Top 11 BBQ Restaurants in San Antonio

top bbq spots in san antonio

San Antonio is renowned for its amazing cuisine, and barbecue joints make up an important part of this. From well-known restaurants to lesser known spots, there are 11 BBQ places in San Antonio TX that deliver mouthwatering smoked meats along with inventive sides, making it a hotspot for all carnivorous cravings! Let’s explore some of the top selections from Texas’ capital city when we speak about smoky barbecued delights.

Innovation reigns supreme within San Antonio’s barbecue scene. Each joint delivering their own signature take on classic dishes while using local ingredients such as mesquite wood to give them unique flavorings. You can indulge yourself into famous recipes or try out something new by sampling any one of these ten masterpieces where you’ll find great cuts slow cooked over heat just waiting to be devoured and enjoyed..

Burnt Bean

If you’re a fan of barbeque and are looking for one of the best spots in San Antonio, Burnt Bean Company earns a spot on the list. Burnt Bean, situated in San Antonio’s city center, is famed for its luscious smoked meats and delightful side dishes. Its most popular treat: the brass monkey sandwich which features succulent smoked brisket, queso mac, and sausage.

The selection doesn’t end there! At Burnt Bean you can savor an array of scrumptious mains paired with homemade sides like Hot Cheeto Queso Mac or Cowboy Beans. Bacon Ranch Taters are sure to tantalize your taste buds too!

Taco connoisseurs will be delighted by their taco options- barbacoa, mollejas, carne guisada & even more brisky tacos all topped off flavorfully, ensuring that every time at this Texas barbecue joint promises a truly delicious experience in San Antonio.

Pinkerton’s Barbecue

Pinkerton’s Barbecue boasts mouthwatering pulled pork, ribs and brisket, plus amazing sides like jalapeño cheesy rice that bring an extra kick to your plate. Their potato salad has great balance with its tangy flavor while their bread pudding features a delightful berry sauce on top of ultra creamy goodness.

The atmosphere at Pinkerton’s rounds off your experience perfectly – accompanied by good drinks from their selection of craft beer wine or cocktails – making it an unmissable destination for barbecue lovers in San Antonio!

2M Smokehouse

2M Smokehouse is a BBQ joint like no other. You can find classic Texas-style barbecue with San Antonio’s Mexican culture as the perfect combination – don’t miss out on their Thursday special, smoked barbacoa every first Sunday of each month! What to get? Pork ribs, mexican street corn and more will not disappoint you. Round it up by ordering one of their desserts (the tres leches cake or lemon pie). This place truly provides an unique experience for all those craving barbeque in San Antonio.

Curry Boys BBQ

Curry Boys BBQ, located in San Antonio, is not your typical barbecue restaurant. Known for its unique fusion of classic Texas-style and Southeast Asian curries on their meat dishes and sides like creamed corn and flan, Curry Boys brings an unforgettable dining experience to the area.

The must-try dish from here includes The Brisket Smoke Show with Prime Brisket cooked with oakwood smoke topped off by a Green Curry sauce as well as Good Luck Cluck. Tender smoked chicken seasoned by peppery notes along with another twist of authentic Southeast Asian curry flavour!

Two Bros. BBQ Market

Two Bros. BBQ Market is a great go-to spot for anyone looking to enjoy some delicious barbecue in San Antonio, Texas. With an outdoor area that has plenty of seating and a large fire pit, it’s the perfect place for friends or family gatherings over food. The menu features classic dishes such as cherry-glazed ribs, cheesy chop and marbled brisket, all must trys! To finish off the meal right you can’t pass up their cobbler with its magically crunchy but yet still crumbly crusty topping . Altogether this makes Two Bro’s BBQ market ideal destination whatever your bbq needs might be.

Smoke Shack BBQ

Smoke Shack BBQ is a top spot for classic Texas-style barbeque located in San Antonio. Offering an array of delectable menu items from savory ribs, turkey and beef sausage to pulled pork, they serve plate specials that feature the option of brisket chicken, turkey, sausage or spare ribs accompanied by two sides options chosen by you! The venue itself has casual vibes with friendly staff who make it perfect for family dinners, making it a must when visiting or living in the area if some lip smacking BBq is what you are after.

Dee Willie’s BBQ

Located in San Antonio, Dee Willie’s BBQ is a great spot for those looking to enjoy some delicious smoked meats. From brisket and turkey to pulled pork and spare ribs, the plate specials here offer something for everyone along with two sides such as coleslaw, potato salad, macaroni & cheese or baked beans.

The atmosphere at this hidden gem is laid back but hospitable while still offering mouth-watering options that make it an ideal place when your craving good quality BBQ food! Don’t miss out on this chance to have a unique experience – head over now so you can satisfy all of your cravings with what Dee Willie’s has to offer!

B-Daddy’s BBQ

BBQ lovers in San Antonio flock to B-Daddy’s BBQ for their smoked meats like juicy sausages, moist turkey and chicken, marbled brisket. The sides are just as delicious with favorites such as creamed corn, macaroni & cheese and more. Another great option is the crispy tacos which can be filled with either chopped or pulled pork! Do not forget about the popular brisket grilled cheese sandwich – it’s a must have when visiting this renowned spot.

At B-Daddy’s you will find some of the most mouthwatering flavors around accompanied by friendly customer service that adds an extra special touch making your visit even better! So don’t miss out on getting a taste of what they offer at this beloved joint in San Antonio.

South BBQ Kitchen

If you’re a BBQ enthusiast based in San Antonio, then South BBQ Kitchen is definitely the place for you. Here they offer an array of smoked meats and creative sides that will keep your taste buds wanting more. Their version of tacos made with house-made brisket fat tortillas are filled to overflowing with either pulled pork and smoke salsa or guacamole mixed up together with juicy pieces of mouth watering brisket!

Beans, potato salad, tater tot casserole as well as creamed elote topped off by jalapeño cream corn, this kitchen has it all when it comes to delicious side dishes which make each visit unforgettable. No one can leave empty handed from this beloved southern eatery located right here in San Antonio!

The Barbecue Station

The Barbecue Station, a beloved spot in San Antonio, is renowned for its classic Texas BBQ dishes and sides. With an array of combo plates from pulled pork to chopped beef available along with other favorite options like brisket sausage and turkey – there’s something sure to tantalize the taste buds of every barbecue enthusiast.

A casual atmosphere paired with cold beers on tap plus warm-hearted staff all make The Barbecue Station one local venue that cannot be missed when trying out some of San Antonio’s best offerings – namely those mouth watering delicacies which have become synonymous with good ol’ fashioned barbecuing! Not only will visitors enjoy the delicious food but they are also bound by a feeling welcome while dining at this popular restaurant known for their great cooking skills.

Big Bib BBQ

Big Bib BBQ is a popular location for San Antonio barbeque fans, with its selection of slow-cooked smoked meats and sides. Their signature dishes include brisket, ribs, pulled pork, sausage links , turkey breasts plus chopped beef that can be accompanied by some delectable potato salad or coleslaw .

Visitors at Big Bib will find both outdoor seating as well as tables indoors to choose from when stopping by this local favorite restaurant. Whether it’s the company of friends or family gatherings – don’t miss out on an opportunity to enjoy amazing flavors in combination with a pleasant atmosphere that only Big Bib BBQ offers!

Unique BBQ Dishes and Sides

bbq dishes and sides

The barbecue joints of San Antonio are not just famous for their tantalizing, smoked meats but also the inventive and delicious dishes they have on offer. Whether it’s fusion recipes or new takes on classic sides that one is looking for, these places will surely exceed expectations – Dignowity Meats has its own specialty creation called ‘Dignowity Pie’ while Pinkerton’s Barbecue sells mouthwatering smoked pork belly and beef ribs. For a different experience there’s 2M Smokehouse with offerings such as smoked turkey sandwiches to fajitas plus tamales all cooked over smoky flames. You won’t be short of unique culinary experiences in this city so plan your BBQ trip today!

Late-Night BBQ Options

San Antonio has numerous late-night BBQ joints for those times when your craving just won’t wait until tomorrow. From Burnt Bean to South BBQ Kitchen, and from Pinkerton’s Barbecue to B-Daddy’s, this city boasts an abundance of smoked meat delights in their restaurants open after sunset. 2M Smokehouse, Curry Boys BBQ, Bandit BBQ, Two Bros. BBQ Market ,and Dee Willie’s are also great spots that offer some delicious options so you can get a taste of barbecue no matter the hour! Whether it be working odd hours or simply having the urge for mouthwatering barbecued food late at night, San Antonio will give you plenty to satisfy that hunger pang every single time!


San Antonio boasts a multitude of delectable barbecue joints each presenting its own exclusive flavors, dishes and side orders. Whether you are after classic Texas-style BBQ or something more experimental like fusion cuisine – this vibrant city has an option to suit every aficionado’s desires. Thus the next time your appetite is calling for tantalizing barbecued food make sure you visit one of the top 11 BBQ spots in San Antonio. All boasting their individual signature style that makes them so special. Looking for more good eats in San Antonio? Check out our San Antonio food spots!

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