The Barbecue Station: Restaurant Review

I have to put a post about the barbecue station, located in san antonio off 410 & harry wurzbach. I haven’t been to all the barbecue joints here in san antonio, but definitely need to make that one of my to-dos! Although out of all the places I have tried, The barbecue station was by far the best.

It’s more of a traditional type bbq place and your not going to find stuff like brisket grilled cheese or brisket frito pie, etc. Although, I do love when places keep it original and that’s one thing they do right. Again, I only have one picture, but I know I have other ones that I need to scour my phone for or I’ll just have to go back there and stuff my face.

The one thing I have to try in every BBQ place is the brisket. I got to see a nice bark, test out the tenderness & eat it naturally without the barbecue sauce first in order to taste the smoke. Oh man, do they not disappoint! The bark is just beautifully done, the brisket literally just melts in your mouth, and the flavor with that smoke & seasoning is just on point! Honestly, this brisket does not even need barbecue sauce. I always have to get the marbled cut, as I do love the fatty flavor that just takes it to another level.

the barbecue station san antonio tx
The Barbecue Station – Brisket (Marbled Cut)

Everything else that I’ve tried here has always been good as well. The bbq chicken, ribs & sausage are always a good choice. It’s just the way they take the time to smoke their meat properly, really shows. Every-time I’ve been there, it’s always the same 2 guys pulling the meat from the pit for you. They seem to have everything down as well in terms of how they operate. Even if there’s a long line when you get there, it moves pretty quickly and the wait time isn’t too bad.

I’m always looking for places that serve hot, fresh food. Well, they got that covered as well, all their sides are made from scratch daily! It doesn’t get better than that. So if you’re thinking of what barbecue place to go to next, definitely try out the barbecue station San Antonio foodie spot! The bbq is consistently good, which I can’t say about most places. So, give them a try and let me know what you think down below!

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